Saturday, August 11, 2012

NY and HOME!!!!

Niagra Falls
American Falls (front) Bridleveil Falls (middle) and Horseshoe Falls (back)
Same as above
Same as above
My brothers and I in front of the Falls

We went to Niagra Falls which was breathtaking!! There are three falls, American, Bridleveil, and Horseshoe Falls. After that, we went to Oneida to see our relatives. We played basketball, ate dinner, then went to a Walmart to spend the night in the parking lot. Now we are home. Thank you for checking my blog and following our trip!! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Grand Canyon and Arches

GRAND CANYON!!!! First of all you can't describe any of this with words or pictures, but I'll explain. we only saw about 1/10 of it yet it was HUGE!!!! As far as you could see it was canyon!! Mom, Dad, Ethan, and I went on a 1.8 mile hike which was great!! Water has formed most of the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon

Mom, Ethan, Adam, and I in front of the Grand Canyon

Ethan, Dad, and I on a hike in the Grand Canyon

Mom, Ethan, and I in front of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

We went to a Wild West Show in AZ. It was HILARIOUS!!!!
Wild West show
THE ARCHES!!!! You can't explain this National Park either because it's 1 of a kind. We saw the Arches of Utah and saw all different geological structures. Including, arches, balanced rock, and giant pinnacles. The Grand Canyon and Arches were both formed by 2 rivers: the Colorado River and the Green River.
Arches sign

Balanced Rock


Double Arch

Thursday, August 2, 2012


On our first full day in San Diego we went to SeaWorld. First, we saw the dolphins!! They were GREAT!!!!!! Then we saw Shamu the Orca do flips, jumps, etc.. Adam said to me, "Hey Mike, you want to go up close in the SOAK ZONE??" And I said, "Sure, why not." Anyone who's been to one of these shows would be going, "Oh, no!!" Because as soon as we were standing up there the lady told us to give the Orcas the signal to splash so we thought it couldn't be too bad but next thing we know we were getting SOAKED by an Orca splashing us with it's tail!!!! We were soaked to the bone. We went to see the Polar Bear which was pretty impressive because it was........               BEATING ON A BARREL!!!! Then we went to see Clyde & Seymour which was just a funny show with 2 Sea Lions. We went to see the Shamu show again before we left but I had come to my senses and I......             Went back into the SOAK ZONE!!!!     Just Kidding :)

Dolphin jumping

Orca in air

Adam and I getting soaked

Polar Bear

Sea Lion with coconut on its head

Me driving a 4 wheeler around the campsite

Now for the....                San Diego Zoo!!!! We went to see the panda exhibit first and saw 2 red pandas and a baby panda bear!!!!Then we went and saw the elephants and jaguars!! This was the first time in 30 years the jaguars had cubs!!!! After that, we went on a guided bus tour and saw almost all the different exhibits, including mercats. Then we went and saw the gorrilas which were amazing!!!!   Then I wanted to see my favorite animal.....       THE TIGER!!!! It was a young Malayan Tiger which was so strong yet stepped making NO sound!!!!

Red Panda

Momma Panda

3 year old Panda





Chimpanzee and I


Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When we went to Yosemite we first stopped to see Half Dome, a rock formation. Then we went to the Visitors Center, and on the way back we saw a blacktail deer 5 yards away. After that we saw Half Dome, El Capitan (rock formation), Nevada (waterfall), and Vernal (waterfall). Yosemite falls was dry so we decided to ride the Yosemite Shuttle and see the Great Sequoias. We are now in San Diego!!!!
Half Dome

Blacktail Deer

My family in front of Half Dome

Me in front of Half Dome

The waterfalls

My Mom, Dad, and I in front of a Great Sequoia

Friday, July 27, 2012

Whidbey Island/Oregon

Our last 2 days spending time with the Wagner and Cheney family was spent at their Whidbey Island cabin. We had fun crabbing, playing football, sitting around the campfire, and watching seals. We are now in Waldport, Oregon at a campground on the ocean. We went in the ocean because if we went under my dad would buy us Subway so of course we did. LOL

Natalie (my cousin), my brothers, and I in front of the campfire

Me getting ready to drop in the crab pot

Rob (my cousin), my brothers, Dino the dog, and I in Coupeville

All of the crabs in 1 pot

Blacktail Deer

Me in front of a lagoon at the end of a hike

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 On the first day in Seattle we got there a day early and saw our cousins Rob, Brenda, Pam, Doug, Aunt Pi, and Uncle Fred. Natalie was at a camp and came home Tuesday. On the second day we went to the mall and went to a lot of sports stores, and we went to the brand new Ferris wheel. We also went to Pikes Place Market where they throw the fish. Then on the third day  we went sight seeing and went on the duck boats and went to the Space Needle. On Tuesday we went on their boat and saw Bill Gates house!! After that we went to the Mariners vs. Yankees!!!!!! King Felix gave up 2 runs in 7.1 innings and Freddy Garcia (Yankees pitcher) gave up 3 runs in 7.2 innings. the Mariners ended up winning 4-2!!!! King Felix hit 3 batters: Ichiro, Derek Jeter, and A-Rod. A-Rod ended up breaking his left hand!!!!

The Space Needle
Rob, Ethan, Adam, and I on the observation deck at the Space Needle

Me on the boat
Rob, Adam, Ethan, and I in front of Safeco Field

Ichiro on the Yankees :(

Rob, Adam, Ethan, and I in Safeco Field

Friday, July 20, 2012


Today we left Yellowstone and arrived in Idaho. In Yellowstone we saw bears, elk, coyotes, red fox, bald eagles, pelicans, bighorn sheep, etc.. There were geysers, fumaroles, mud volcanoes, hot springs and GREAT views. For more information on our trip go to That is my Aunt Betsy's blog. And to see more pictures go to


Hot Spring


My brothers and I in front of Lower Falls

  The whole crew in Artist Point

Old Faithful
 My brothers and I behind the Old Faithful sign

HUGE bull elk
Most of the crew at the top of Mt. Washburn (6 miles round trip.)

Bighorn Sheep

Black bear mom and cub

Pelican in flight